5 Ways that Legal Recruiters Help Law Firms


For either an individual practice or a larger law firm, hiring new associate attorneys and partners can put a burden on your billable hours. Thankfully, when it comes to hiring, legal recruiters can prove to be an enormous benefit. They can handle a number of aspects in the recruiting process for candidates themselves or law firms. Here are five examples of how they provide professional help with law firm hiring specifically in mind.

Legal Recruiter
Legal Recruiter

Finding New Candidates

Finding new candidates can be one of the most difficult aspects of hiring new talent. There’s no doubt that an employer will receive hundreds and even thousands of applications from applicants looking to be hired, but oftentimes, many of those applications don’t fit the specific requirements that firms are looking for regarding new candidates.

Not only will a recruiter sift through this information to eliminate poor candidates, they’ll also search out the ones that best fit a firm’s mission and ideals. Recruiters stay in contact with candidates of all kinds, so click here to find out more how a legal recruiter can help you find the best quality legal applicants by consistently maintaining a pool from which to draw an ideal fit for your firm!

Acting as a Middleman

Besides finding new candidates, recruiters act as a reliable and trustworthy middleman between firms and candidates. Recruiters handle all the back and forth between the two parties in what can be an arduous process of dancing around the negotiation process and connecting firms with candidates that hold the same ideals. Think of recruiters as a mediator who is there to bring their expertise to these interactions.

Legal Job
Legal Job

Knowing the Market

Because recruiters work day in and day out developing relationships with firms, candidates, and other recruiters, they have a feel for the pulse of the legal job market. This allows recruiters to put firms in a successful position to grow. That means no more lateral moves for candidates or weak replacements for law firms. In other words, the ensure that quality candidates are placed into quality positions.


Again, because recruiters work daily with firms, candidates, and other recruiters, they organically create a mass networking system to help you find and meet your needs ideally, whether the focus of the firm is the environment or simply money. As long as you’ve worked with a legal recruiter, they can maintain a pool of candidates to match with your firm even when you aren’t looking for something new at the time. It’s unlikely that any firm, or an individual person, will ever be able to compete with the network of a recruiter.

Legal Professional
Legal Professional

Experts in their Craft

Some say you’re not an expert in something until you’ve done it for at least 10,000 hours. Recruiters are experts in the field of matching candidates with firms. So at the end of the day recruiters get better, faster, and more abundant results than individuals seeking them out on their own – and because of this, recruiters go to great lengths to simplify this process for law firms, which saves an enormous amount of time and money.

If you’re in the process of hiring, then contact a legal recruiter today and make sure the job is done professionally and efficiently. When getting expert help means you’ll find a highly skilled legal professional rather than gambling on a poor one, you’ll be grateful that you reached out.